About the Centre

Kallahra Child Care Centre is a 75 place Centre licensed for children from 6weeks to 12 years of age. The Centre is open from 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday. We close for Public Holidays and from Christmas Day to new Years Day- over the Christmas period. A Gap fee of $1 is charged for Public Holidays.


The Centre operates with room configurations as follows

Infant Group 6wks - 2yrs
Toddler Group 2-3 years
Jnr Kindy Group 3-4 years
Kindy Group 4-5 years
Schoolies Group 5-12 years


Kallahra’s current fee structure

Infant Group $99 daily for 12/10/9 hour sessions.
Toddler Group $97 daily for 12/10/9 hour sessions.
Jnr Kindy and Kindy Groups $96 daily for 12/10/9 hour sessions. $74 daily for Kindy 6 hour session.
Before School Care $30 per morning.
After School Care $39 per afternoon.
Before and After School Care $47 per day.
Vacation Care (School age children) $96 daily for 12/10/9 hour sessions.

These fees are the full fee. Families provide the Centre with their Child Care Subsidy percentage and hours obtained from Centrelink and are required to pay the gap fee.