Kindy Group

3.6 years to 5 years

Kindy Group – Room Routine

6:30am Centre opens - Indoor / Outdoor play
9:00am Kindy Program Starts - Morning Group Time
9:30am Morning Tea
9:50am Inside activities - planned and spontaneous
10.55am Pack up/Sunscreen applied
11:00pm Small Group Time/Transition
12:00pm Lunch Time
12:30pm Rest Time - 30 mins/sleep offered
1:00pm Table Activities
2:00pm Group Time (IWB/Story Time/Dance/Music)
2:30pm Afternoon Tea
3:00pm Kindy Program Concludes
3:10pm Join Jnr Kindy for Outdoor play
5:00pm All children combine in Senior playground
5:30pm Inside play, free choice
6:30pm Centre closed

This is only a guide and is flexible to children’s needs and interests.

Kindy Group – Short Term Goals

  • To feel safe, accepted and supported and a sense of belonging.
  • To separate from parents/carers easily.
  • To organise self and belongings/develop self-help skills.
  • To manage routines.
  • Make good choices.
  • To keep trying.
  • Pride in self/family/culture.
  • Pride in self/strength and ability.
  • Confident learners.


Kindy Group – Long Term Goals

  • Resilience to manage change and challenges.
  • Connecting with and relating to others.
  • Exploring culture (similar and differences) aware of bias.
  • To problem solve and investigate/applying reflection on learning.
  • To develop an appreciation of good health, hygiene, nutritional habits and skills of physical independence.
  • To explore language for a range of purposes.
  • Create an interest in reading and writing behaviours.
  • To develop social skills to assist in the transition to school.