Infant Group

6 weeks - 15 months

Infant Room – Daily Routine

Effective routines for babies and toddlers are those that are designed to meet their needs.

Our educators ensure they consider the following guidelines when developing routines;

  • Ensure that the timing of meals is consistent with the timing of meals at home.
  • If children are tired let them sleep and feed them once they have woken.
  • Ensure that methods for feeding children are consistent with the methods used at home.
  • Encourage children to sleep at a time when they are tired, not when the clock dictates.


Infant Room – Short Term Goals

  • For children to feel safe and secure in a warm and friendly environment and to feel a sense of belonging.
  • For families to develop a trusting relationship with educators.
  • For educators to learn about each child’s individual needs, likes and dislikes.


Infant Room – Long Term Goals

  • To work in partnership with families as they are their children's first and most influential teachers.
  • To create a welcoming environment where all children and families are respected and actively encouraged to collaborate with educators.
  • To develop strong attachments to all children to support their social and emotional wellbeing.
  • To be responsive to the developmental, physical and emotional needs of all children throughout the day.