Possums Group

6 weeks - 2 years

Possum Room – Daily Routine

6.30am                 Centre Opens – combined group Outside Play

8.30am                 Transition to small playground (Groups separate)

8.45am                 Toilet/Nappy change

9.30am                 Wash hands/Morning Tea Inside – social conversation

10.00am               Toilet/Nappy change

10.15am               Free play / Inside activities

11.15am               Toilet/Nappy change

11.30am               Group Time (music,story)

11.45am               Transition to wash hands / lunch              

12 noon                Rest Time

2.00pm                 Toilet/Nappy change/Sunscreen

2.15pm                 Afternoon Tea

2.45pm                 Group Time

3.00pm                 Outside Play

4.00pm                 Toilet/Nappy change

5.00pm                 Combine groups – big playground

6.30pm                 Centre Closes

(This Routine is flexible to children, events and weather)

Possum Room – Short Term Goals

  • For children to feel safe and secure in a warm and friendly environment and to feel a sense of belonging
  • For families to develop a trusting relationship with educators
  • For children to develop their communication skills
  • For children to learn basic hygiene skills
  • For children to learn basic Centre rules
  • For children to develop social awareness and form friendships with other children
  • For educators to learn about each child’s individual needs, likes and dislikes


Possum Room – Long Term Goals

  • For children and families to have a close and trusting relationship with educators
  • For children to develop self help skills
  • For children to further develop social awareness skills and begin to understand the needs and abilities of other children
  • For children to be introduced to the alphabet and numbers
  • For children to begin to develop an understanding of being healthy
  • For children to have the confidence to freely explore the environment
  • For children to be able to communicate openly